Our mission is to provide personalized wellness training to any and all persons striving to improve overall health and well-being in a comfortable and inspirational environment. Since we are so devoted to individuals reaching their personal goals, only offering one-on-one training. This facility is judgement free as we all have ultimately the same objective; to be better tomorrow than we were today. GTR is an acronym  for “Guaranteed Training Results,” and we stand by that. We want you here because YOU want to be here. With your determination and our skills there is no goal we cannot accomplish. When you’re ready for honest results with honest people commit to GTR.



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Fitness Training Information

Our trainers are educated and proficient not only in exercise, but also in nutrition, interpersonal communication, and human anatomy. These skills allow us to tailor each program for guaranteed results depending upon your individual goal. Your training program includes nutritional consultation/diet plan, weight and measurement documentation, specialized workout, and cardio recommendations. Any age, any level, any goal.

Weight Loss

“You’re never “too far gone!”  GTR is dedicated to help you become the best version you envision of yourself. Your program is developed specifically to your fitness level, ability, and goals; it is designed for you to become educated for lifelong changes not only temporarily lose weight. Whether you are looking to lose 50 pounds, 5 pounds, or that little bit around your waist, come to GTR for guaranteed results.

Strengthening & Rehabilitation

“You are only given one body.” Strengthening is the foundation in overall rehab and therapy wellness. Your individual needs are met by assessing the injury (old or new) and utilizing our knowledge to mend you back to health. Whether you are an injured student athlete or recent joint replacement recipient, you will be educated on maintaining your body for a lifetime.

Athletic Conditioning

“Be the best you can be.” GTR offers sport-specific training programs to push past any plateau and with education, lessen your risk of injury. Each athlete is provided elite training techniques to improve endurance, strength, agility, and proper form. Our athletes have ranged from high-school team sports players, motocross riders, to bull-riders.


“No dream is too big or too small.” Differentiating between working out and isolating individual muscle groups for a symmetrical look is the art of “bodysculpting.” Our goal is to assist you in “sculpting your body” as you see fit.  Male or female, it’s not about being “swole,” it’s about being sexy.

Wellness Information

 GTR Fitness encourages education in all areas of health and wellness. Lifestyle changes are not easily made independently, but with the help of our team you are never short on motivation. It is this holistic approach, coupled with a judgement-free environment that enables our serious success. Become a better athlete, have less pain, avoid another joint replacement, lose weight. Do it safely with out guidance in proper form, alignment, and body posture.

Diet and nutrition, biomechanics, age, weight, previous injuries all play in to the ability of our clients to obtain their goals. With clinically proven techniques, trained and skilled professionals, we are the total fitness center for life long health and wellness. Using evidence based practices, tried and true methods, and building on years of experience in many different disciplines. Become a better version of you through training, body correction, nutritive education.

GTR is not just about lifting weights or getting fit. We promote total body wellness and lifestyle changes to ensure the longest, healthiest outcomes for our clients, our guests, and our friends.


Professional Bios

Shey Hubbard


Having never played sports in high-school, I am grateful to my father for introducing me to the gym at a younger age.Him being a bodybuilder and business owner, I am appreciative to have learned so much from him in the gym and life in general. I feel I have a strong direction and enough experience to make myself as well as my gym excel in the Augusta fitness industry.

Over the years of training myself and clientele, I have gained a passion for fitness and helping others. With my background in massage therapy and ISSA personal training certification, I have the understanding and qualifications to help meet your goals. My personal favorite training style is Bodysculpting; targeting individual muscle groups for tone and definition. Whatever your goal may be, it is in my personal interest to assist you in achieving a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Mike Martin


I began my fitness journey at the age of 14 and have been lifting weights and living a healthy lifestyle ever since. My initial introduction to exercising was to excel in football and wrestling; eventually I developed a love for lifting weights and decided to dedicate myself to bodybuilding.

The passion, pride and discipline I expect from myself are exactly what I deliver to every one of my clients. The personal relationships built and the satisfaction I see when goals are met it is what drives me to bring my very best day in and day out. My goal as a personal trainer is to get YOU to achieve the goals set for yourself on your fitness journey. Dedication and hard work will always get the job done.

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