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Dean Beasley, Administrative Director, CMAC
“I can honestly say, HE was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”
“I dropped 40 pounds pretty quickly, and have since put back on about 20 pounds of lean muscle.”
“He has become not just my trainer, but my friend!”

“On a list of the guys you’d expect to see in a gym every morning, I would probably not have even made the list! After a cancer diagnosis discovered as a result of a spinal tumor, surgeries which followed to remove it, and then a major surgery brought on to correct the effects of radiation treatments…I was pretty much a wreck! My back was severely weakened and my upper body & core strength were pretty limited. Lack of activity had piled the weight back on. Though they work now, my legs were severely impacted by this last surgery – so much that the right one had been paralyzed and took months of rehab for it to work correctly again. Learning to walk again had been a major accomplishment!

Once I felt able to tackle it, I joined a gym and began cautiously working out. After the events of the last few years, I was pretty afraid of pushing myself very hard, and really wasn’t doing anything but going through the motions. They (the gym) offered a special on some introductory personal training sessions, and I decided this was the direction I needed to go (though this scared me to death!), they set me up with this guy named “Shey Hubbard” and we set up a time to meet.From our very first session, he listened to me and was very mindful of my concerns and apprehensions. We began working on overall conditioning and strength training. Approximately a year and half later, I can honestly say, HE was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Though our initial progress was slow but steady (not to mention being interrupted by a hip replacement) I know I have come a very long way!I told him I would try anything he asked me to do, but if I said “NO…” I meant it! We laugh now that I rarely ever told him “no”.

I dropped 40 pounds pretty quickly, and have since put back on about 20 pounds of lean muscle. People who have known me for years pass me in the hall and don’t even recognize me. Because of the conditioning we had done prior to the hip replacement, I needed virtually no follow-up therapy, and was able to return to work after only 3 weeks – not the usual 6 to 10 weeks of recovery! I surprise myself (and pleasantly surprise Shey) at some of the work I am able to do under his training style. He has become not only my trainer, but my friend!”

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Cliff Russell, Carbon Construction
“Training at GTR Fitness is an investment in a guaranteed outcome. Shey and his staff push the sessions to levels that most people don’t know they are capable of. Scheduled appointments, close supervision, food education, and industry leading natural supplements equip motivated individuals to achieve their body and self-esteem goals.”


Loretta Giancroce, Haydens Gymnastics
I would just like to thank Shey Hubbard and GTR Fitness for giving me the support and superior training and guidance needed to finally get my body and my health back on track.

Many years of procrastinating and denial left me unhappy and unsure of where I should even start on my fitness journey. I have been a member of other gyms in the past and never once have I met my goals.
Shey , through his stedfast determination and patient support, encouraged me to reach my goals. His one on one attention through personal training is the ONLY reason I have succeeded.
GTR fitness and Shey truly have changed the way I look and the way I feel about myself.
If, and when you are truly ready to reach your goals, GTR Fitness will be there for you.
Can’t thank you enough Shey Hubbard.


Amber Smith, RN, Doctors Hospital

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Gregg II wrestling

Greggory Rodgers II

When it comes to life, school, and sports, parents want to give their kids every advantage to succeed. As I was looking for a total fitness center for my son Greggory to train at; a friend of the family, Jackie Shults, introduced us to Shey Hubbard, the owner of GTR Fitness. This was a dream come true. He put together an impressive fitness and nutrition plan for Gregg II. The goal at first was to increase strength and decrease body fat while maintaining his weight for wrestling. Also, improve his core strength and cardio endurance. Greggory was paired up with the BEST personal trainer the CSRA has ever seen, Josh Manley, this guy is so intense without being intimidating. He truly cares about the person achieving and surpassing their personal goals. The training assisted Greggory in attaining a 36-5 wrestling record.
After Wrestling the plan was adjusted for football. The goal was to further increase strength and muscle mass while healthily increasing his weight by 30lbs in 4 months. Through intense training so far Greggory is over half way there in just under 2 months.  I am more than pleased with the results my son has achieved.
Greggory:  “I look forward to hitting the gym and working out with Josh, he is the Man!!! The workouts are very intense and are taken seriously. I enjoy them a lot and it has made a difference in my level of fitness. As result of GTR Fitness’ training I feel like I have gotten stronger, more agile, and far less injury prone, thus allowing me to become more confident when I am competing. I also appreciate the fact that my workout is custom-tailored to whatever my goals/needs are at the time. All the nutrition, strength, agility, and core training that I have done will enable me to reach my full potential.  I plan to continue my trainings here and recommend GTR Fitness to anyone who wants to reach their goals.”